Augmented reality glasses will have a huge impact on how we work. By wearing AR glasses we will no longer be limited to computer monitors, TV screens, expensive projectors etc. Attendees of a presentation should be able to watch the presentation screen even without physical presence. The HoloMeeting-Client will allow you to place a shared virtual presentation screen wherever you are to join the meeting even from a remote- or home-office.

What it does

The HoloMeeting-Client is a Windows UWP App for the MS-HoloLens, accompanied by a PowerPoint Add-In for the meeting chair to upload a PowerPoint presentation into the cloud to be shared with HoloMeeting-Client attendees.

How we built it

The HoloMeeting-Client was written in Unity3D as UWP app using C# and uses websockets to get real-time events from the meeting server (node.js). The PowerPoint Add-In based on C# Xamarin/WPF uploads the presentation to the meeting server in the cloud and generates a QR code to be sent to the meeting attendees.

Challenges we ran into

We first planned to use MQTT to communicate with the cloud, but certain limitations in certificate handling forced us to revert to WebSockets over TLS.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Microsoft's HoloLens and AR are an important step into the future of computing and we are excited to be part of this development.

What we learned

It's possible to create great inter-connected applications by combining various different platforms and programming languages, from desktop add-ins to, server components and 3D AR apps.

What's next for HoloMeeting-Client

The initial HoloMeeting-Client currently provides a shared virtual presentation screen with basic previous/next slide controls. It would be useful to have annotation options, shared audio (currently remote cilents have to join by phone for audio) and a more fine grained permission model.

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