Sci-Fi Movies fascinate audiences with cool futuristic technologies that are usually far out of reach of humans. Our team wanted to change that. We wanted to make something that would be right at home in any sci-fi flick.

What it does

Hololight creates a 3d hologram that a user can interact with. It can do many things from playing videos, to letting a person explore a 3d model, to simply visualizing plots in R3. And it's all done hands free!

How I built it

We had a screen reflect images off of pieces of plexiglass. Each pane was given a different FOV of whatever model was being used, giving it a nice 3d effect. The hand gestures were recorded by a leap motion, and the software was made using three.js.

Challenges I ran into

One of the biggest difficulties for me was the math and technical know how involved in getting the images to display such that they would reflect correctly when used. Eventually we found an open source project that had a similar idea and we were able to modify they're math to fit our dimensions. Due to a measurement area we have one less panel than is in classical holograms which made this project slightly more complicated when setting up the panels too.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am not usually a hardware hacker and have never used a 3d model in my life. This project was way out of my comfort zone and I didn't give up despite that.

What I learned

I learned (or at least partly) three.js in one day! I learned the basics of leap motion too! I also learned the hard way to measure twice, cut once.

What's next for HoloLight.

We hope to continue to add more functionality to our project. Viewing 3d models is by far the hardest of the lot for us because have to modify the math based off of each models dimensions (we currently have the earth, a heart, and a brain for models). Adding a way to automatically perform the required maths to calibrate models. We also hope to get this implemented in some local classrooms. The project is cheap, and adds a fun level to elementary learning, and a much needed element to visualization of advanced mathematics.

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