Microsoft Hololens.We were very much inclined when we watched the first demo of hololens and also Bot framework then we started to give it a try.

What it does

It uses Graph API authenticates user uses text to speech and is a virtual companion for the user.We have opened the bot too that can be used for other purposes too.We don't have Hololens and hence made the project using Hololens emulator. Hololens Capability Tap the HoloBot to move it to a different location, tap again to place Gaze at the HoloBot to trigger the speech recognizer, you will hear a "Ping" sound Speak "commands" to HoloBot using natural language The HoloBot speaks back to you using Speech Synthesis (aka Text-to-Speech, or TTS) All sounds and speech use spatial sound that originate from the HoloBot The "brain" of the HoloBot can be any public bot built with the Microsoft Bot Framework. It uses the Bot Framework to integrate with Office 365 and also uses Graph API(this bot can be used as a individual entity.We have added it to Skype too acess at Skype link(

How we built it

We have used Office 365,Graph API,LUIS engine as well as Unity for the Bot for developing it.The back end coding is done using C#

Challenges we ran into

At first it was tough to start with as we didn't have the Hololens device,we faced lot of errors while building the project so getting our act done was tough and also the bot framework part we had to do lot of research to get it going.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A Complete Virtual Companion Graph API ,Office 365 bot that helps in interacting like a virtual companion

What we learned

Using C# we integrated Bot Framework,Unity Hololens edition and also usage of LUIS engine plus Graph API and office 365 usage

What's next for HololensOffice365bot

We will like to add AR capability to the app and extend it to Android for other usages too

Built With

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