I feel like computing devices are becoming more personal and interactive than ever before. With the imminent release of Microsoft's HoloLens I felt that having an interface that you could relate to, as a holographic person, would be well received.

What it does

The HoloLens Assistant provides a friendly, visual way to manage interactions, tasks and events. Emails will be displayed as a page, read to you if you wish, replied to by voice, attachments displayed if requested. Personal messages from social applications like Facebook or Twitter will be handled in a similar fashion. Driving directions can be displayed on a 3D map. The assistant will walk with you, chat with you, have idle actions like sitting down and bouncing a leg, shifting slightly while standing, looking around, playing with a pen or puzzle.

How I built it

Still in progress but this will all be designed in C# and Unity C# using the HoloLens framework from Microsoft.

Challenges I ran into

Still working on it, but I need to learn a lot more about AI technology.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Reworking a Java API into native C#.

What I learned

Large projects require a lot of planning.

What's next for HoloLens Assistant


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