HoloLearn is a simple intuitive 3D graphing visualizer designed to help students in the classroom enhance their understanding of 3D graphs through an easy to use interface. HoloLearn utilizes the Microsoft Hololens as well as Unity for its 3D rendering.

Using HoloLearn is simple - simply say aloud the equation you wish to graph. HoloLearn will create the graph as you speak before your very eyes. After creating a graph, the user can rotate the graph or move it around for different views to enhance understanding of the structure of the graph - as well as simply walking around the virtual graph.

The goal of HoloLearn is to make it far easier for students to understand the relationships between the equations they see on paper and the three-dimensional graphs those equations create. By being able to walk around a graph and view it from all angles students can create a stronger spatial understanding of the work they are doing in class in order to improve their academics.

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