Difficulties in language continues to impose restricts on many who currently speaks a second language on foreign soils. We wish to alleviate the cultural shock many will experience in an increasingly globalized world by creating something that connects people despite their differences in language spoken.

What it does

HoloLator is an app for HoloLens that scans an image containing texts, uploads it to the cloud, extracts the text, translates it into another language and projects it back as a hologram on to the very same object in a seamless fashion.

...(Currently not fully functional)

How we built it

We used Unity to create the application and Google Cloud's Vision and Translation API to extract texts from images and translate them into another language.

Challenges we ran into

We had no previous experience building anything like this. We had no experience programming with C# and Unity. It is also our first hackathon; despite our passion, many of us have very rudimentary software development experience. Significant time was used to simply get Visual Studio and Unity to work with HoloLens. Setting everything up took some effort.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created our first mixed reality application!

What we learned

It was a humbling experience overall; the power of mixed reality gave us a glimpse of the future of wearable devices

What's next for HoloLater

We hope to further add to its functionalities in hopes that one day it will become fully functional.

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