A significant challenge with communicating online is that everything is displayed in only two-dimensions, but often we want to show something three dimensional--an object, a CAD-rendering, or a concept. Holograms for Hackers allows you to share your three-dimensional objects or creations with others--both locally and online. Holograms for Hackers brings holograms to your living room and makes displaying three-dimensional objects a reality.

With three USB cameras, semi-reflective surfaces, an image manipulation script, and two laptops for online communication, Holograms for Hackers can leverage an effect known as "Pepper's Ghost" to display an actual three-dimensional projection of an object in a square pyramid. To accomplish this:

  • Arrange a camera on each side of an object connection to the first laptop
  • Transform these video feeds and share to the second laptop
  • Set up an upside-down monitor
  • Arrange a square pyramid of semi-reflective surfaces below the monitor
  • Display the feeds of said object at specific angles to project the hologram

Holograms for Hackers hopes to improve the way you share and interact with digital and physical objects. Holograms for Hackers can project a physical representation of your CAD models right before your eyes, without needing to print first. Holograms for Hackers can let you share with others across the globe, keeping your 3D objects properly represented. Holograms for Hackers is bringing the future and "science fiction", to a living room or office near you.

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