When visiting restaurants, often times we choose foods that we're familiar with. It's even moreso when people are visiting ethnic restaurants that they're unfamiliar with and often times the pictures on the menu don't give a good depiction of what you'll order. Here's where our solution comes in.

What it does

HoloFood uses augmented reality to project the food that you were thinking of ordering so you know exactly what you're going to get. In our app, we show what a Strawberry Kruffin and a slice of Chocolate cake look like. And they're the real thing too! Our 3D models are actually 3D captures of the food.

How I built it

We used the Unity Game Engine as well as with the Vuforia API to enable the AR capabilities. Autodesk Remake is a handy tool that allowed us to use a technique called photogrammetry to generate 3D models of the food.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This project was done at UofTHacks IV and we earned 2nd place at the hackathon with our app!

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