What if you didn't have to print out some Office documents? What if you could digitally leave Office documents in real life - and others can scan to find it too? What if your office documents could be displayed as holograms in augmented reality? Welcome to HoloDrive - available now for your iPhone or Android device!

What it does

Stores your office documents on OneDrive on everyday objects in the real world using computer vision augmented reality!


1) Authenticate into Microsoft Office 365 by clicking the Authenticate button. A web browser should pop up and lead you through the oauth flow. When this completes, click the "Cool, back to the app!" button to return to the app.

(Note, for the contest app beta, if for any reason the auth doesn't go through or expires, restart the app.)

2) Find the surface or object you would like to augment the item to. Ideally this would be a flat-ish surface with a relatively busy design or lots of marks on it. Most advertising flyers or magazine pages with content work well.

3) Once you augment on it, hit the (+) button on the top right hand corner. A file list of your OneDrive contents will pop up. Choose the OneDrive file you want to store on that object.

4) Presto. It's augmented on that object. Touch the object to visit the file url to modify the file. The next time someone scans that, they will see your OneDrive file stored on that real life object!

Note: please enable both location for GPS and camera for AR

Challenges I ran into

Beta API issues with OneNote, OneDrive API does not provide definitive filetype identification.

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