I've always been fascinated by the complexities of UX design, and this project was an opportunity to explore an interesting mode of interaction. I drew inspiration from the futuristic UIs that movies have to offer, such as Minority Report's gesture-based OS or Iron Man's heads-up display, Jarvis.

What it does

Each window in your desktop is rendered on a separate piece of paper, creating a tangible version of your everyday computer. It is fully featured desktop, with specific shortcuts for window management.

How I built it

The hardware is combination of a projector and a webcam. The camera tracks the position of the sheets of paper, on which the projector renders the corresponding window. An OpenCV backend does the heavy lifting, calculating the appropriate translation and warping to apply.

Challenges I ran into

The projector was initially difficulty to setup, since it has a fairly long focusing distance. Also, the engine that tracks the pieces of paper was incredibly unreliable under certain lighting conditions, which made it difficult to calibrate the device.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm glad to have been able to produce a functional product, that could possibly be developed into a commercial one. Furthermore, I believe I've managed to put an innovative spin to one of the oldest concepts in the history of computers: the desktop.

What I learned

I learned lots about computer vision, and especially on how to do on-the-fly image manipulation.

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