My self as case study. I work by a Security Company and when I'm not at the office I have to use a privacy protector. So, why not to use a Hololens or another AR/VR device to secure the data?

What it does

Encrypts your communications(the example is an email reproduction) in a visual way, so people around you will only see a cheap qr code, instead to putting their eyes into your afairs

How I built it

The source is split in three parts: Backend: Handles authentication an message unsealing Email emulator: Application that mimics what the email plugin should do with your data Client(Hololens/Mobile APP): the client in which you will see the confidential information

Challenges I ran into

Gestures are difficult haha, Some issues with Internet <-> Swisscom Cloud Old version of Visual Studio dependecies

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

For the problems with Swisscom I just migrated to Heroku which provides similar services for free and allows a postgres database

Visual Studio have been correctly upgraded

What I learned

I had no idea of unity before coming here

What's next for holocrypt

Gestures Recognizer

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