The inspiration comes from all the fictional science fiction movies that show holographic calls. It was fiction we thought to make it real and It is now going to be possible with 5G. You can talk to people as if they are real, give holographic demonstrations as in sci-fi movies. Also revolutionizing the entertainment industry.

What it does

This generates and shows holograms in real time right now and with 5G it can transmit and have a live holographic video call. It also can show holographs of any object with some preprocessing.

How we built it

We used a unique combination of IOT and computer vision along with optical physics to built it.

Challenges we ran into

Building the infrastructure to generate a hologram is not easy. Also, the preprocessing of the holographic representation took about a day. Wouldnt be possible without a GPU.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are now able to generate live holographs from the camera in real time and that too in a standalone raspberry pi. Also, we are able to demonstrate desired objects in holograms. The demo is a hologram of our teammate.

What we learned

This is the time to make fiction real. All it takes is a vision and a few smart brains working for 36 hours.

What's next for HoloCall

HoloCall is just in the prototype stage this is going to be deployed in a strong, standalone unit and will then allow life holographic calls, gesture-controlled Gaming in holograms (AR/VR/MR is all past now), holographic entertainment (Would you now love a holographic movie?), Education (No more diagrams now show them holograms), Can have holographic meeting and conferences and can give talk, presentation and demo remotely and in real.

Built With

  • cv
  • ibm
  • intel
  • iot
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