As technology advances, we are finding new and exciting ways to interact with and virtualize the world around us. Augmented Reality is a powerful way for us to utilize technology to improve our everyday lives. What better use of AR, than a Personal Assistant that is there whenever you need them, and out of your hair the instant you want them gone? The HoloBot is the answer!

What it does

HoloBot uses the power of the HoloLens to bring Amazon's Alexa to life.

How we built it

  • Multiple Alexa Skills to add to the already rich library of native functions and skills
  • Unity to bring Alexa to life
  • Microsoft Office 365 API to read user emails
  • IBM's Watson to analyze sentiment

Challenges we ran into

Unity, unity, unity! Amazon Voice Services. 60 second limit

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Talking with Alexa in Augmented Reality

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