We were all passionate about the health industry with two of us being from a health related background. We wanted to create an app which could help students and medical professionals alike to learn in a new fascinating way.

What it does

It projects various parts of the human anatomy into augmented reality. You can see the appendage right in front of you wherever you are. It labels and provides a concise + brief description on the function of each part of the anatomy.

How we built it

This was built entirely on Unity and C#.

Challenges I ran into

Like all projects, there were many errors that occurred in the beginning stages of this project. However we slowly managed to debug and get the program running fine.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are really excited at how well this project turned out. It worked out really well and the models look quite stellar especially when you can view them on your own mobile device.

What's next for HoloBody

We would like for HoloBody to be more than just an educational tool for students. We strive to make it even more accurate using 3D files from real medical scans. This way medical professionals can use this app to view diagnoses accurately without having to purchase tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment. We would also like to have it implemented into textbook so that students with the app can view the AR images from the comforts of their own homes.

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