IoT devices are becoming a larger part of our everyday lives. The Hololens is an awesome new product in the world of augmented reality. What if we combined the two in order to facilitate a more intuitive interaction between consumers and IoT devices in the home? That's exactly what we did, using network protocols to connect the Hololens and a Sonos speaker, 3D-modeling in Unity for the user interface, and Vuforia to distinguish the location of the speaker in a room. Although, the ImageTargets from Vuforia did not successfully deploy to the actual Hololens, and the Vumarks could not be created in time, the project successfully interfaces with the speaker and Hololens to create an enhanced user experience. The user can control their speaker through a holographic display that allows them to select options such as skipping a song, or pausing a song, that automatically appears whenever the user gazes at the device. The album artwork from each song is also found and displayed holographically for the user. Overall, we are still gaining familiarity with Unity and the process of deploying to the Hololens, but we are grateful for the opportunity to dev on Hololens and learn more about it this past weekend. We would like to expand HoloBackSpeaker to other IoT devices in the home, as we believe it has the potential to make even the most confusing of devices in the home easier, and more natural to use.

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