Inspiration - There are many people who love dogs and could benefit from dog ownership, but are unable to do so due to various reasons (financial, logistical, physical, etc.)

What it does - Create augmented reality experience where user can adopt, train, and raise a hologram puppy

using Microsoft Hololens technology. AR dog barks, sits, and plays dead on command.

How we built it - We used Unity and C

Challenges we ran into - Learning Unity, C#, and animation models. And how to use Hololens.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - We really started from scratch with this - we had no true prior experience coding and animating using Unity. We are proud to have a functioning product in half a day of development.

What we learned - EVERYTHING. Also, the importance of teamwork and communication.

What's next for Holo-Dog - So. Many. Things.

Make puppy age over time (lifelong furrr-iend!) Expand dog’s actions and user’s caretaker responsibilities Personalize collar / puppy name upon adoption Create training tutorial (puppy kindergarten) to teach user how to train / interact with dog Create knapsack item / UI to hold items (training pamphlet, leash, dog food, treats, poop bags, muzzle, etc.) Monetize via sales of additional pet accessories, product placement Explore therapy dog services / companionship for those who are neuroatypical Explore therapy dog services / companionship for those in retirement homes, hospitals, etc. Use Enflux technology to create user actions (playing fetch with dog, etc.) Partner with local rescue organizations for virtual adoption events Utilize AltspaceVR to create virtual dog park for socialization Utilize AltspaceVR to create virtual adoption events with local rescue organizations

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