People have crazy usernames (Rohan's is @Meeshbhoombah), making them a pain to add on Twitter and Instagram. Facebook is hard too because full names are painful.

What it does

Holla connects your social media accounts to a QR Code generated in-app which can then be scanned by another person who owns the app to automatically add you to the social medias you have listed. Think Snapchat's Snapcode, but for other social medias.

How we built it

Xcode, Parse, QR Codes, Swift, Monster, Sketch

Challenges we ran into

Implementing a horizontal scroll (think Snapchat, transitions between the views).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Sexy-ish UI. The effort we put into the app. The fruition of 35 hours of labor. Getting roasted at the Y-Combinator UX review.

What we learned

Don't procrastinate. Using REST API's with iOS development is really annoying. You can't use .xib files with UITableViewControllers through storyboard, only programmatically.

What's next for Holla

The App Store. Growth. Capital. (Possibly lawsuits?)

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