At conferences and hackathons, it is impossible to add people on desirable social medias because you often meet so many people at once. We wanted to take a system that already exists for a single app and scale it to many other extremely popular apps.

What it does

Holla provides the User with a Alternative QR Code-like system that we created ourselves, so that in order to add someone's Phone Number, Facebook, twitter, snapchat, LinkedIn, and Instagram all through a single tap

How we built it

We used an iOS app, and a mongo DB database on a Node.JS server

Challenges we ran into

Using OpenCV to detect the current state of the QR Code system we created ourselves, since just installing OpenCV on most computers can take hours on end. In addition, applying all the different API's and finding ways to use them to add people's accounts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of


What we learned

A lot

What's next for Holla

Actual use by very real people

Built With

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