My inspiration for this is vaccination invention for covid 19 , which changed the world so quickly and saved the humanity The pedometer screen when switched will help the user to do his daily bit of / jogging/ running and will show the associated benefits of calories burnt, milles walked, time spent

Sun tracker when switched on will help the user to achieve the daily dose of Vitamin D3 to his body , this will also show the history and consistency of achieving this .he will get the score of 120 if he completes 10 of exposure to sufficient sun light . but if he spends in lesser exposure it will automatically award the respective badges. So that he can adjust accordingly his exposure to sunlight

Diet screen will help him to consciously avoid the junk food and increase the appetite for good body friendly intake , the algorithm will help him to keep track of how much junk food he has avoided and how good he is in maintaining his health, this will keep him in following statuses 1.Excellent 2. Good 3. Fair and 4. Bad. The calculation happens on last 7 days intake anytime.

Karma screen is a new concept of making the entire world into a beautiful planet. The Word Karma refers to deeds in Sanskrit, so if everyone commits to good deeds if it has a domino effect , the entire environment will become good .this screen has the following options for the user to input the hours he spend on the respective causes 1. Time spent with Elders 2. Time spent with orphan kids 3. Time spent to educate socially backward kids 4. Time spent on good social cause. Once he input the hours spent this will keep track of all historical records and enthuse the users to do more good things for ever .This will definitely keep his mind healthy and happy

Breathing screen will help the user to do the 478 breathing exercise as recommended by the WHO , the user has to follow the instructions as given in the breathing screen. This will help the user to decrease anxiety, sleep better, manage food cravings and control emotional responses like anger

If the user feels demotivated because of something , if he opens the inspirational quotes screen It will keep him motivated and inspirational quotes will appear randomly ( more than 50 quotes captured here)

I built this using MIT app inventor block

Challenges we ran into

I didnt see a big challenge except sun light tracker , which is a new concept

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I have done this for the first time and few things like sun tracker , bank of karma , conscious diet are new concepts

What we learned

I have learnt how to use the technology for the wellfair of humanity

What's next for Holistic Health

If i get a proper encouragement, i am planning to extend few more additions like digtizing all health related things in this app

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