1.7 million people a year are effected with cancer, I've prsonally lost 3 family members to this disease. through th goodi nation social impct accelerator I'm hacking cancer!

What it does

Holistment is a website where cancer patients suffering from side effects of there treatment can find holistic altrnativs such as a medical marijuana doctor - spcfic products that treat their pain and the dispensaris that carry those products

How we built it

We used a starter template using Blockstack's starter template. We then integrated login/sign up and setup JSON Data Models. We used a simple HTML/CSS and Vanilla JS template.

Challenges we ran into

Thinking through data models

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating files and reading

What we learned

How easy it is to get started with Block Stack

What's next for holistic

Holistic will participate at next local Google Hackathon to meet more developers and resources

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