Many young people are not too fussed in terms of where they want to go on holiday as much as they are concerned about having good weather. For this reason, this app will take your weather preferences as filters first, and then find suitable cities for you to visit.

What it does

  • Holideal will be in charge of suggesting you the best holiday given specific parameters

  • The flask Web-Server serves requests coming from the Web-app, ios app, and android app in an easier to digest format than ECMWF.

  • The web interface will allow you to use Holideal in a tinder-like fashion, by specifying weather parameteres such as surface temperature, cloud coverage, sea temperature, and other parameters. Once these are set, the user is presented a restricted dataset that fits his filters. Then you get the chance reject or accept locations. Rejected ones will not be shown to the user again, while accepted ones will be able to be viewed later on a separate page to review his/her choices.

  • The mobile interfaces (ios and android) will also serve the same functionality, allowing the user to swipe choices left (reject) and right (accept).

How we built it

We used Flask for the Web-app interface, as well as an api React Native used for both iOS, and Android

Challenges we ran into

We found the dataset fairly difficult to get used to. For this reason, we decided to serve requests as part of our Flask server The fact that we were developing for 3 platforms was also fairly difficult and in retrospect, quite ambitious Interacting Flask with javascript is not the most pleasant experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Time constrained completion of tasks that we've never touched before (API, ECMWF, etc) A functioning app that runs cleanly and smoothly (none of us are web developers)

What we learned

How to interact flask with javascript, bootstrap, etc in order to make web apps Distributing data across different devices from a central server Accessing and reading NETCDF4 files as well as its fairly complex api

What's next for HoliDeal

Implement our functionality for more cities in europe Implement flight and hotel price checkers, and perhaps a further filter on this when users want to swipe

Team name & members

  • Simion
  • Nikhil
  • Dace
  • Aldis
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