We have noticed that recently it is harder and harder to find reliable source of information, covid-19 pandemic is one of the best example how easy it is to create fake news and feed society with them. We do not agree to that, that is why we have created PureFeed - AI powered news feed with fake news detection.

What it does

It aggregates news from various news apis, analyze them and score level of authenticy.

How we built it

We use FakeBox ( tool for analyzing title and content of articles, then we collect articles with their authenticy characteristic and store in our database, which are accesible from angular web aplication client for user.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In less than 24 hours we have designed and developed product that could inconsiderably change perspective of many people unaware on amount of misinformation that reaches to them every day.

What we learned

That it is always worth to try and to not get upset when it does not work as expected :).

What's next for [HolidaySpirit] PureFeed

Long way for the product to be good enough to face it with users expectations. It requires improvement in accebility, to expand usability on mobile devices and to be unnoticeable, f.ex. background running browser extension that analyzes not only articles provided by public api but also webscraping article that user is currently reading in browser tab and analyze it on the way with instant feedback. For this we plan to design more complex evaluation system that is based not only on static AI anylise but also users feedback and many other factors that can impact possibility of news being fake. Next on the way is expansion for various social media support and more personalized feed for every single user.

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