It saddens us how so many children (our siblings, our peers) are uniformed about other cultures and are quick to judge. To tackle this societal problem, we decided to focus on our youth and show them the beauty in embracing diversity, in understanding diversity.

What it does

Our virtual world, currently called "Holidays around the World", will take a child on a journey through various cultural celebrations across the globe and help them learn some fundamental details. There are interactive challenges after every cultural lesson to engage the young user and solidify his or her learning. At our starting stage right now, we describe Eid only, but plan to expand our reach to other celebrations as time permits.

How I built it

We used Unity's 2D-based language to create an interactive, 2D game. We used C# to animate objects within Unity. Also, we integrated the Microsoft Text Translator API with Unity's Smart Localization package and used C# to implement this feature to allow the game to be played in English, Spanish, French, or Swedish.

Challenges I ran into

We first wanted our game to be a virtual reality, 3D game using the Oculus. But, none of group member's computer environment was compatible with the Oculus hardware / software. So we decided to focus on a 2D game. It was also difficult to divide up the work in a project that must eventually all be put together in one simulation.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of and What I Learned

I loved collaborating with our team and learning new languages - Unity, C#, etc.

What's next for Holidays Around the World

  • aim for 3D and virtual reality
  • improve visual aesthetics
  • add remaining cultural festivals
  • add remaining characters
  • support more languages
  • make it compatible for tablets, PCs, mobile phones

Competing for

  • Education Track
  • Novice Price
  • Microsoft - Best Use of Microsoft APIs
  • #HackHarrassment, by reducing bias through cultural awareness

Built With

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