Whenever I want to go on holiday, I often get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information available online and don't know where to start with even choosing a location! Thats why I thought it would be useful to make a website which chooses a destination for you, and then link you to the Tripadvisor page for that place so you have a platform to begin to explore it. Another problem with going on holiday is that I often find myself having forgotten my swimming costume, or having left the insect repellant at home, and this can often run the trip. Therefore, you can also get a downloadable packing list from this website to ensure that you never forget anything! Finally, I have never made a login system so I wanted to try that out to make this website even more versatile!

What it does

Holiday Heroes is a comprehensive holiday website which allows you to choose a destination, a hotel, and gives you a packing list. You can fill in some information to receive a list of items you should pack. There is a download button which means you can take this list and print it for easy access. The Destination picker is a quiz which you fill and then get a destination which you are sure to enjoy based on your responses. You are taken to a page which has the tripadvisor page linked, and then you have the option to take a quiz which picks out a hotel that would be suited to your needs in that destination. When you login or register, you are taken to a welcome page which details what you can do in the website. There is also a chatbot which is bale to answer questions and direct you to different parts of the website.

How we built it

This web app was built mostly in HTML, CSS, and JS. Some parts have been modified from open source projects, but the majority is just my own code.

Challenges we ran into

I have never built a proper website before, but was unable to join a team so I took it upon myself to learn quickly and figure out how to make things work in the way I wanted them to. It took my a very long time to be able to embed the website links for hotels since I did not fully understand how to embed html. Thankfully, I figured it out and am very proud of that part of the project. I also found it particularly hard to work with as many files as I was using since I am used to working on a single file or on an application such as Xcode, however for this I saved all files locally before saving them on GitHub, which was new to me.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am just very happy that I managed to create a full application in the time we had, even though I did not find a team. I am proud that I have been able to use HTML, CSS, and JS for things that I did not know you were able to do in these languages. I am also proud of what the chatbot is able to do

What we learned

I have learnt all about coding in HTML, CSS and JS for web applications, and this is a skill which I hope to be able to build on for future hackathons!

What's next for Holiday Hero

I would love to make the Pack Buddy much more customisable and to show things based on the input from the form. I would also like to improve the login system by saving information in a proper database and displaying the user name where the 'join' button on the navbar is.

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