I have been in tourism and e-commerce business for the last 12 years and have never seen tourism in such dire straits. I have first-hand experience talking to local tour operators who are very concerned about the future. All tour companies have come to a complete halt. The common problem is that everyone needs money to keep going and retain their employees but the businesses do not have cash flow. Most tour companies are owned by local small businesses/families and it scares me think about their future.

What it does

It is so critical now than ever that locals help the local tourism by traveling within their own country. The idea is to offer great discounted deals, especially for locals with travel validity for 12 months. The tourism operators get paid within 3 days helping them with their cash flow and local travelers get great discounted deals to explore their own country. The solution is a win-win for everyone.

How I built it

I had an existing website and I used the same code base to build this new website. However, it needs some more work in terms of setting up new pages for tourism boards to add information and data.

Challenges I ran into

Tech Stack is not stable - so it would be great to rearrange the technology for better performance. I am also not able to articulate the message clearly and need help with content.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My relationships with local tour companies and the ability to discuss problems and solutions with them.

What I learned

There is always a solution to problems in life that we face - the more we are in contact with other people the better it is for our mind and they help you directly or indirectly with your solutions.

What's next for Holiday Here Deals

Take it to the next level and launch the website. I have developed a website which is still needs more work

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