Youtube Meditation Music- I used to listen to it so as to release my tensions , restlessness, eye burns and headaches.So I tried to create a customized music application where the user can listen as she/he wishes.

What it does

It creates music from indian instruments,tibetan music,raagas ,nature sounds like waterfall ,insects and birds.

How I built it

I first followed the tutorials and I found tonejs and magentajs appealing ,so I used them to make this application.I used HTML and css too.

Challenges I ran into

Challenges were using Magenta ML models.I have to still explore a lot to get thorough with them.My team mate also gave in due to tight schedule so I had to do everything.But due to these challenges , I have learnt and improved myself a lot.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My first Hackathon!And I built what I had imagined to do and it turned out to bet better!

What I learned

As Im very new to tech field , I dont have lot of expertise and this was my first hackathon too.But after this hackathon I learnt many things apart from technologies.The will to make the project and continue despite all challenges. I learned a lot from this.I saw many tutorials and videos related to Magenta which were very interesting and learnt Tonejs ,Magenta and P5 too.

What's next for Holibeats

1.I would properly implement magenta models into it. 2.Would like to use noise to convert into music. 3.Make music from fingerprint patterns . Basically , I have lots of plans to do for Holibeats.Im really excited and thank the organisers for this amazing oppurtunity.

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