Team partners Nicole and Shayla have combined their technical and creative knowledge, their love for movies and television shows, and their appreciation for the Holidays to create a website known as “Holi-Favs”: a place where people can browse through select movies and shows categorized either by national holiday season or streaming service.

What it does

We created this website to make a space where movie and television lovers can come together, create profiles and indicate whether or not they've seen previous movies or whether they desire to see a movie that's listed. They can also rate the movie or show out of five stars, like or dislike it, and leave reviews for others on the platform to also see once they create an account. With this website, we hope to create a community where people can find movies pertaining to certain Holidays when the season comes around in a way that's easy that's easily accessible and family friendly.

How we built it

We used Adobe XD to produce a prototype showcasing our home page, category exploration pages, and what users would see if they selected a certain streaming platform or movie/tv show.

Challenges we ran into

We started by using Adobe XD to create wireframes of what the website would look like. We then attempted to use Bootstrap to turn our wireframes into HTML and CSS for a live website. This was Shayla's first time designing and coding a website, and both our first times using Bootstrap. We ended up running into a few issues, troubleshooting and rerouting, and deciding to flesh out our prototype instead. The last challenge we faced had to do with slow internet speeds, which prevented changes from saving consistently.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the final product. Our prototype is easy to navigate and our text is easy to read. It's also a fun idea. We're happy that we both learned new things!

What we learned

Both members of the team definitely learned new ways to navigate Adobe XD and learned about Bootstrap. We hope to continue this project in the future.

What's next for Holi-Favs

In the future, we hope to make this prototype a reality. We want to be able to create a feature where people can sign into accounts and leave ratings/reviews, and we also want to make it possible for users to click on a title they want to watch and be directed to the proper streaming services that they can use or purchase to watch certain titles.

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