I first saw of Tensorflow pose estimation capabilities from this experiment by Google and I had wanted to try playing with it.

What it does

Lets you play hole in the wall game on a web browser

How I built it

Using Tensorflow pose estimation and a pose similarity algo library, I rendered the skeleton and box overlay on a html5 canvas and added a bit of game logic.

Challenges I ran into

First time coding with html5 canvas The pose estimation library doesn't have sufficient documentation

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The game works! Figuring out how to render html5 canvas with custom scaling and transformation to let the preset poses to zoom in from the middle of the screen

What I learned

Dipped my toes into the world of Tensorflow

What's next for Hole in the Wall game (using Tensorflow Pose Estimation)

Possible improvements: add a menu screen, settings for custom time limit per pose, better styling

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