I just lost my phone number and i can't login on whatsapp. I need to go provider for new SIM Card. How about discord and telegram oh man that's build for community/group with dozens of message every minutes. It's pretty simple and secured to login on Web 3.0 just need to restore your key and tap login. So i wondering how whatsapp built and how web 3.0 platform work. Then i found Hola Near and i wonder if holanear provide API like whatsapp API for sending message from others web 3.0 app

What it does

We provide a middleware so ejabberd can connect using near wallet. so user can login into XMPP server and sending message. Since there are only a few open source ejabberd client we decide to make it open source the client. We hope it will bring more benefit for the community.

How we built it

  • Using ejabberd as a main core of the app to provide massive scalability , security , flexibility and interoperability
  • Client built with native so it can access all OS potential

Challenges we ran into

It is not easy to bring one messaging platform like XMPP. which has been widely used by various applications and has many standards into web 3.0. The still a lot of features that need to provide for next version like :

  • Multi User Chat
  • Group
  • SIP & WebRTC
  • others messaging features

What's next for HOLA NEAR - The First Jabber On Web 3.0

  • New Features according XMPP Standard
  • Sending NFT & coin
  • Hola Near API & SDK for connecting web 3.0 game
  • Hola Near Web by scan QR
  • iOS

Built With

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