I used to read and watch so many self help books. They all proclaimed how important a vision board is. So, why not make a public vision board specifically for dreams. I want to see what my classmates wildest ambitions are.

What it does

Users go to the website. They click on "Add Dream" in the menu. Then they click on "Add Dream" button. An animated pop up appears. They enter their first name, last name and their most ambitious dream. They click submit. The date is automatically recorded. All data is sent to a database. It redirects them to the magical directory list of dreams. Each dream is clickable and redirects the user to a full description of the person's name and dream.

How we built it

Django web framework. Bootstrap. HTML. CSS. JavaScript.

Challenges we ran into

My list would not center. Lack of creativity on how I could display the data captured from the user. Deployment had many unique errors. Deployment process in general was difficult to follow documentation on. Creating django modules to pass the data into the views and create unique pages for every individual dream.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is my hackathon ever. I am so proud to have a basic finished product. Creating unique pages for every unique dream felt so good when it worked. I didn't need to look everything up. I finally feel comfortable with a basic django project. Deploying the project to a URL so all of my friends can use it is something I'm very proud of.

What we learned

Django models, views, forms, and other files. Bootstrap centering and containers. Deploying to Heroku. Setting up a Postgresql database.

What's next for HokieDreamboard

Add an authentication system so only Hokies can submit dreams. Add a like button to dreams so other users can like their dreams and the dreams are sorted by likes or by date. Add a check button for users to check their dreams off if they completed them. Add a Facebook share button so more and more users use the web application and it goes viral. Lastly, add stunning visual appearance.

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