At our school its hard to make a new meeting for everyone and we searched for the best way. So we opted to make an application so its becomes easier.

What it does

You select which platform you want a meeting on and the participants. Then the invitations get send out automatic.

How we built it

We tried building the app in angular and java. The key is tried. The ui is in angular and bootstrap. The mvc is in Spring.

Challenges we ran into

The zoom api works in different way that we were thought in school which made us lose soooo much time. This was the first hackathon we participated in so it was very hard to use our time in a good way.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The login part works and gives back an access token. This took us such a long time to figure out.

What we learned

That each api you use is different and needs to be learned.

What's next for Hokabaz project

We will try to finish the project so we can use it in school

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