Abracadabra! Hocus-Pocus! Have you ever thought of making visible things invisible, just like Harry Potter did with that invisible cloak?

What it does

The cloak was magical and invisible in Harry Potter, the movie. As we know there is no magic and no invisible cloak which exists in the world. It’s all about the graphics tricks.

The concept of an invisibility cloak is a mixture of science, fantasy, and collective imagination. This magic project will help you to create your own ‘Invisibility Cloak’.

How we built it

1) To achieve this, initially, we’ll be capturing and storing the backdrop frame.

2) Thereafter we’ll be identifying the red (You can use any colored cloak but for that just change the range of ‘H.S.V’ value) colored fabric by making use of the above-mentioned algorithms.

3) Then we’ll segment out the red-colored fabric by generating a mask and then finally.

4) We will generate the final augmented(magical) output to create an Invisibility cloak.

This technique is opposite to the Green Screening. But unlike green screening where we remove the background, in this application, we remove the foreground!

Challenges we ran into

We ran into challenges when we have to test this during sunshine because it caused some kind of distortion but it was working very well inside our homes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The invisible cloak was always a mystery when we watched the Harry Potter series but as we today are able to understand and implement that makes us proud.

What we learned

Python and OpenCV modules specifically targeting Image Processing and Image Segmentation to produce masking effects.

What's next for HOCUS-POCUS

To show this awesome magical implementation to everyone. VFX for our next hack!!!

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