Hoboken residents reached out with problems they felt could be improved upon regarding volunteering opportunities in the community. Also as members of an organization that requires service hours, finding events in the area geared towards our passions proved to be difficult.

What it does

It connects organizations with volunteers based off of volunteer's interests, giving them a listing of upcoming events in the community. It also allows volunteers to "follow" organizations that share similar goals, staying up to date with the latest news regarding events.

How we built it

We incorporated cutting-edge web technologies including the Laravel PHP framework to offer powerful API functionality for the platform. Twitter Bootstrap was also employed to welcome users with a clean and sophisticated front end experience.

Challenges we ran into

Working with abstract data representations and conceptualizing relations proved to be tricky at times, with ORM issues causing some database queries needing to be handwritten to fit our needs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a working platform, that could be scaled with further development time, in a very limited amount of time. Efficiently dividing responsibility among team members for a smooth development process.

What we learned

Sleep is sometimes optional.

What's next for Hoboken Helps

Reaching out to local organizations to improve the platform, and possibly scaling to a greater geographical scope.

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