There's a lot of activities like knitting or dancing or so on that would be fun to learn as a hobby, but for many such hobbies, it's hard to learn by yourself and hard to find people to do it with. We thought it would be cool to create an app to connect people with similar hobbies who want to learn from and teach each other.

What it does

It displays different events from people in your area, detailing some sort of lesson (e.g. a knitting lesson) that they'll be carrying out, with contact and location information. You can sort events by category (theoretically) and follow different categories to see what's going on at all times! If you find an event you want to go to, you can RSVP to it; you can also add friends. It's like a combination Facebook/Eventbrite for hobbyists! In theory.

How we built it

In Android Studio.

Challenges we ran into

Every team member is a complete novice -- this is the first hackathon for all of us, one of us didn't have a computer, and only two of us knew how to code at all! So we had to learn everything about Android programming from scratch, etc.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got something working! The app is not fully functional, unfortunately, but we do have a mock-up of what it would be like and the tools to make it work.

What we learned

Android, basically. Also, the thought and process that goes into an app and the challenges involved. This was a first, and it was a very important experience!

What's next for HobbyNet

A full, working implementation?

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