SkyScanner API inspired us to do something useful with it. Although there exist projects that use SkyScanner API to optimize travel path by the price or the distance, we wanted to optimize it by another variable that might be more meaningful to a person. That's why we came up with interest-based traveling salesman problem enabling end-users to find their optimal journey based on their interests, for example, museums, pubs or theaters.

What it does

The webpage takes the user's list of interest and their location as a starting destination, along the dates and the preferred radius of travel. The output is a journey planned on the map based on their interests at the same time minimizing the prize with the SkyScanner.

How I built it

The website takes the user interests as an input along with a current location as a starting point for TSP problem. It uses Google Maps API to find the closest major cities within the specified radius and computes interest-related best cities to visit based on the average rating of the places on Google Maps. The cities are then passed onto SkyScanner API to search for the cheapest flights and routes. All combinations of these routes are passed onto the Traveling Salesmen Problem which computes the best path. The path and coordinates are then passed back to Esri API and displayed as a route on the map.

Challenges I ran into

We had all the components working separately but with the limit of time we found it difficult to join them together smoothly. Because of this, a lot of details we wanted to include had to be omitted (for example displaying details of the route which is a very easy and logical next step), so that we could present the full product. Also, we used a lot of separate components, which was a challenge with respect to time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We all value the technologies that we learned, and above all the sense of achievement that came from fully working product that we achieved through teamwork

What I learned

the use of various APIs, Django, how to interface between front-end and back-end

What's next for HobbyHack - plan your journey based on your hobbies

We want to include more information about the journeys and most of all, add more variables to optimize for example weather information.

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