We all have hobbies that may be obscure and struggle to find other people near you that share that interest. So, in compliance with the topic of community, we decided to build a voice chat that connects peoples of similar hobbies.

What it does

Takes in which hobbies you feel interested in and assigns you to another user that shares those hobbies and also lives nearby. Once assigned, the two will be put into a video call and will have the option to leave at any time or to friend each other at any time.

How we built it

Used Websockets and WebRTC to build a video chatting platform that pairs individuals with a presence channel. For more detail, check the tech stack and GitHub repository.

Challenges we ran into

Had to work overnight and it hampered a lot of our thinking abilities, as well as our physical functions. This limited our attention spans to small intervals of time, and we had to cut off a couple features due to this setback.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The actual project came out better than we could've imagined, and we're happy that the idea actually worked. We're also proud that we were able to persist throughout the night and get everything done with time to spare.

What we learned

The ins-and-outs of realtime software and the limitations of traditional databases. Moreover, we learned about tradeoffs between functionality and aesthetics.

What's next for Hobby Plunge

A feature to create group chats between friends, a smoother interface, and ability to play interactive games during the meetings.

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