So, the inspiration came from the ongoing COVID19 Pandemic due to which, to be honest, Our lives have kinda stopped. In such a time, people are unable to decide what to do. I mean, I myself am confused about what to do. Now rather than doing something, many of us are wasting our time thinking about "What to do?". So, in order to make it easy for ourselves, we developed this so that you can organise your activities and manage your time well. We can defeat the virus!

What it does?

It basically provides you with well organised categories within which there are tasks which you add to your to-do list and kill your time by learning something. Rest you can see in the video I guess.

How I built it

So, my teammate Ayush gave me this idea about how we can utilise this time of ours in learning something. As soon as we heard, we started our work. We designated tasks among each other and preceded. We created the Front-end and Back-End parts separately. For Front-End, we designed separate layouts for landing page, category pages and the task panels. In the Back-End part, We used the Django Framework. Also, User Authentication is one thing which we implemented for the first time.

Tools Used

* Django Framework
* Bootstrap

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge was integration of front-end and back-end since we divided those part among us. Rest all was fine. Thinking about the layout and all was too time consuming.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is our First hackathon. So, we are proud of everything we did.

Impact on Society

During the COVID emergency this online support space will be a great aid to people,isolated at home, as they could continue to have educational support, webinars and Live, exercises and practices to keep their anxiety level low and get some fun passtime.

What I learned

The Environment, got to know new people, and the motivation may help you to find alternative solutions with new technologies.We have learned that cooperation is essential for a successful group project, particularly during a quarantine period, where smart working is the only way to be together.

Challanges We Faced

The biggest challenge was thinking of a solution that could help children with fewer resources. Solutions such as Hobby Enigma can bring the joy of learning home in so many households.

What's next for Hobby Enigma

A mobile app is on the way and also we will integrate more categories and more tabs and also, some fun and frolic is missing I guess, So, that's one thing to do.

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    • Ayush Kumar
    • Ankit Kumar Singh
    • Abhiroop Saha
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