I have a hobby. Maybe you have a hobby as well.

As we looked around on fintech market, we've seen many projects focusing only on the spendings' side. But what if we identified your hobbies, which could be turned into local, eco-friendly and sustainable businesses?

What it does

With the help of MKB's and aggreg8's data, we discover your hobbies and daily routines, and based on that we help you to get started. You love to bake cakes? Sell it to neighboring coffees! You're always sitting alone in your car? Share it with your local people! We help you to wire things together.

How we built it

Super-duper-eager-beawer IT guys hammered it together. The students from Codecool are immortal beasts!

Challenges we ran into

"Yeah, sure, authentication is gonna be easy, let's build it on Friday!" Never again. But the lack of in-depth sync was our biggest enemy. Next time we have to focus way more on data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Codecoolers are awesome, I am amazed how much work they put in this project. And actually this was our most fluent hackathon in the terms of communication. Right now, we are really good in task management.

What we learned

Never underestimate the tech stack you don't know, and never forget to drink enough water!

What's next for Hobbiz

Fame and fortune of course! But mostly

  • discovery of real-world personas
  • tons of interviews
  • gathering more data and building an ML pipeline
  • mobile app to reach our customers as soon as we're sure about their hobbies

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