"Fake news" are becoming increasingly rampant among news outlets and media in general. People are overwhelmed with information from all sources and fact-checking an article is too time-consuming.

What it does

Our chrome-extension allows you to easily check the reliability of the article you are currently viewing. Our product is easy to install, user-friendly and fully expandable.

** Easy to install **

Simply go to the Chrome Web Store to install our chrome extension. In less than 2 minutes, you can be up and running using HoaxSpot.

** User-Friendly **

Once installed, HoaxSpot works in the background to help you find the reliability of your articles. To use HoaxSpot, simply click on the extension's logo. There, our app will automatically tell you how reliable the article is.

** Fully Expandable **

We trained our algorithms to detect signs of "fake news" using more than 10,000 different articles from more than 100 different sources. We believe that the capabilities are limitless and that our algorithms could work even better with more training. This would allow HoaxSpot to provide better feedback on the articles you are viewing

We are confident that HoaxSpot is the solution for eliminating this "fake news" mania and make readers more aware of the reliability of their sources.

How we built it

We created a chrome-extension that would submit a get-request on hiroku server using a flask app that we created. Through the chrome-extension, we can send the URL of the active tab to the server where a reliability-score is calculated. This algorithm starts by breaking down the URL's HTML code to view the article's title and paragraphs in a JSON file.

Challenges we ran into

Early on, we ran into numerous software issues as we were all discovering and learning about the different technologies available to us. After consulting with industry professionals and hours of debugging, we managed to successfully get the chrome-extension and our algorithms to work. Additionally, with limited experience with back-end programming, we struggled a lot understanding the tools and the interactions between platforms but ended with successful results.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to showcase a polished solution using various tools with very little to no experience with it.

What we learned

With perseverance and mutual moral support, anything is possible. And never be shy to ask for help.

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