an ultra minimalist app is distributed to the concert-going public a week in advance of the perfomance in order to build excitement.  the questions “where will you be?” and “where are you from?” are asked of the users.  the first establishes their future location within the theatre, the second, deliberately open, allows users to select a geographic location that the attendee associates with.

upon arriving at the performance, the context of the app changes to allow input into the live performance.  a technical soloist directs a technological accompaniment consisting of reflections of sound, simulated to reflect across the space and distance between the concert hall and the place they are from.

while the soloist drives the live processing of the orchestra’s music, each performance is unique with the sound signatures comprising of the sum of the audience’s inputs and their real time collaboration.  by depressing the app, they signal a desire to increase the parameter that the technical soloist has made available to them.

the auditory effect is a sound reflection of the live music from the places each audience member indicates that they are from.

the keys to the app are early engagement, and positive immediate feedback rewarding close participation in the music.

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