When staying at home in the pandemic time of Covid-19, we found the connection between roommates kind of weird. The persons that were simply sharing the living space, need to spend mostly all of the time together now, at home. And in such circumstances, more and more living frictions happen. What can we say to let the singing roommates be quiet? How could we remind them of the bill and rent properly? How could we know what roommates are interested in to share the happiness with? and etc. All of the questions came into our mind. So, we decided to design an app that can help people staying at home feel social freedom and could be supported by someone living in the same house.

What it does

To help people staying at home express themselves property in order to make them enjoy the group and sharing life better, we decided on the main features first: - mark users' status in an interesting way of animation, like sleep, shop, shower, housework, Laundry, work, and leisure. Thus, notify the roommates of the noise level and locations indirectly - manage the public space use in a visualized digital space, to help users construct a general idea of where the other people are and they are not alone when providing the convenient method of sharing the public space of kitchen, living room, and laundry room - transfer the text that user wants to say to their roommate to some paragraph with Emoji replaced some keywords, making the communication smooth and can be accepted easily, even you are talking about something sensitive, like sharing the bill or reminding them to pay rent and utilities - Info board, where roommates can post notification of bill, rent, and etc.; share group activities planner of housework, dinner, and shopping; some use resource of vlog, movies and news.

How we built it

- do research on the main mental problems people have when staying at home and some suggested solutions doctors
- Decided on the pain points and solutions 
- design screens in Figma and begin front-end development based on that
- meanwhile, back-end developer construct the database system

Challenges we ran into

- usually went too focused and detailed on the UI design
- not decided a proper scope of work that we could finish during such short time
- lack of familiarity of some framework and 

Accomplishments that we're proud of

- find some solutions that we could use in our daily life, showing kind and compassionate to ourselves and others, to overcome the mental problems in pandemic with roommates

What's next for HmSo_HomeSocial

-  complete the left functions of animations, profile settings, 
- detail the drag and resizing function home space planning
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