The inspiration came from the inability of health centers around me to be able to record patients information on a save and secured platform.

What it does

HMS is an existing submitted dacade project that records patients and doctors information I just added the oracle to get common sicknesses and their medication with the help of a dummy API and Oracle

How I built it.

It was an existing so for the Haeck I just had to build a dummy API for Common sicknesses and their medication and then I built the Oracle to call the medication when a sickness is queried.

Challenges I ran into

Not having adequate materials to learn about Oracles.

Accomplishments that I am proud of

Building a project like this with Oracle for the first time that is 80% working and with a little time will be perfect and then I finalize the Frontend.

What I learned

I updated my previous knowledge on Sophia Smart Contracts and learned a lot working with Oracle and APIs

What's next for HMS

The next feature for the project will be a map (location) feature to connect patients to health centers around them.

Built With

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