The Inspiration:

The idea for this Code was inspired by a small boutique travel business. The business owner conducts holiday trips to remote and offbeat places in India. She wanted to reach out to the high paying overseas potential tourists (with niche interest areas like bird watching, dolphin watching etc). Just as many small business owners, she did not have significant resources for targeted lead generation to compete with big businesses.

Taking the story further - have You ever thought of how the small businesses can connect with the prospects across the world? Or have You ever thought of why a certain large music show is going empty and what can be done to convert it to a “Sold Out” event?

We realised that markets are largely inefficient, due to insufficient communication between the sellers and the prospective buyers. If there is an improved communication, it would provide an opportunity for even remotely distributed buyers and sellers to find each other. This would be more evident in the case of small and medium businesses.


Such a business need of connecting buyers and sellers created the impetus to develop the “App”. The core of the App is gathering and analysing the Social Media messages, and pushing appropriate offers to the buyers and thereby increase sales.

Target Users:

The target user of the Application is any Seller, intending to market a product or a service, to any Buyer who is showing interest by communicating through the social media.

Key Features of the App:

  • simplified "User Experience",
  • filtering mechanism to identify the interested buyers from Social messages,
  • perform a sentiment analysis and campaigning analysis,
  • calculate relevancy scoring of the identified social trends
  • generate the business leads,
  • pushes the advisable alerts to SF agent for decisioning
  • enables the SF agent to push notify the user segments for the great offers

The App has been developed using the SalesForce Development Environment / SalesForce1 Platform, and IONIC Framework with VisualForce pages.

Use Case:

An appropriate application area can be “events”, wherein, the “Event Host” can reach out to the potential buyers (evincing interest by way of tweets), offer appropriate discounts to ensure adequate seats are “Sold Out”, and maximize the revenue from the event.

Business Value:

We firmly believe that the App is brings Innovation as it closes the loop of communication between the buyer and seller, evaluates options and makes attractive offers. The App has the potential to generate significant new business, create efficiencies in the market, as well as enable sellers to price products/services in an effective manner. This way, value is being created for the buyers and the sellers alike.

Business Model:

The business model can be based on a combination of Freemium Model and a Revenue Share Model, to maximize the adoption of the App, and associated revenues.

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