Our inspiration behind the project was to help clients have an easier way to access their own health care at any given time. We started off this journey by imagining people who have a hard time remembering and bringing all their medical documents to the doctors office. For eg, we thought of elderly people who have many health concerns and need constant access to their documents.

What it does

Our app sets up the clients with a database where the can themselves change,create and acess all their medical documents on the go.

How we built it

we used node, express, firebase, on the backend and react on the frontend.

Challenges we ran into

Completing our idea in 24 hrs proved to be an ambitious and worthy task, nonetheless challenging. We struggled to complete everything we had hoped to but we were proud to have produced a live frontend app based on our mockups and a backend connected to Firebase with the potential to implement encryption/decryption for added image security.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have created a user-friendly application that successfully holds all your health data records at the touch of your fingers.

What we learned

On the backend, we used technologies that some of our teammates didn’t have much experience with such as firebase and This project gave us a good understanding of those technologies.

What's next for HlthTrack

Further Designing/frontend development and improvements/scale to the backend

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