The current way of handling preferences options on iOS is somewhat frustrating: too many options, too many layers and too much blank spaces. There's gotta be a better to do it. That's why I built this framework.

What it does

It presents users a clear, simple collection view with all the options. It also uses the new UIPreviewInteraction API along with 3D Touch to navigate the layers and toggle switches. ("peek - preview" delegate callbacks also provided, "pop - commit" stage redirects to generic custom settings view controllers)

How I built it

Xcode 8 GM + iOS 10 GM

Challenges I ran into

lack of documentation on 3D Touch and lack of time

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The outcome looks really good

What's next for HLSettingsView

This is an unfinished project due to the fact that I couldn't spend full time on Pennapps. I will try to complete the framework once iOS 10 is officially released next week.

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