We start getting our ideas based on the prizes list. Then, we find the project that fits most with our team members' skills and interest. This project promotes the productivity among business environment.

What it does

We decided to make a chatbot using BotKit for Cisco Webex Team Platform. The chatbot will have basic functionality to send and receive with the user. Some of the extended functionalities are weather, alarm, date and time, to-do list, chat using emoji corresponding to the users' mood, google search and youtube search.

How we built it

We started using Webex for Developer to create a bot. Then we connect it to BotKit. Then host it on ngrok server. With these 3 technologies, we successfully host and interact with the customized chatbot on Webex Team client.

Challenges we ran into

We had problems with hosting it online, finding a good editor for Webex chatbot and develop fully functional alarm.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are able to build a functioning chatbot on Webex Team client. The product proposes some useful functions to increase the productivity of users in the workplace.

What we learned

We learned new technologies, have fun chatting with chatbot and implement the project on Webex Platform.

What's next for HKTChatBot

We will strive to build more function and fully develop the chatbot.

Instruction to inspect the chatbot

We already hosted it on Webex Team client platform. Hence, you can log on to your Webex Team account and interact the chat with the email provided following:

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