The inspiration for this project was the recent hong kong protests as well as multiple companies having influence and money withdrawing their technological support from hong kong.

HKH allows protestors to organize and mobilize quickly while requesting aid from other protesters,Pointing out police presence, planning routes to protests or another protestor in need, and a secure messaging platform.

We took our inspiration from the app that Apple pulled from the app store while solving a lot of issues that we thought needed to be fixed within the app.

Using mapping and geolocation that were not blocked in china,

Hosting and rerouting all our traffic through tor, Using encryption for messaging.

Our biggest accomplishment is that we genuinely made an impact on the world, making a tool to help people around the world to peacefully make protests.

We learned how to use tor and pgp, the struggle thats happening in hong kong.

We ideally want to release it. First fixing any bugs that might interfere with usability.

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