In Africa, the prevalence of HIV infection is the highest in the world, with nearly 1 in every 25 adults. When I was in Tanzania for an internship at internal medicine department, I saw a lot of patients who came to the hospital with AIDS, which is an incurable condition due to HIV infection. According to the statistics, mother to child transmission is successfully done by using Anti-retroviral treatment. However, the transmission by sexual intercourse is not as successful as originally hoped.

The problem of sexual intercourse is that people in Africa have sexual intercourse without knowing their HIV status, even though the risk of infection is quite high.

Out team created a way to confirm the couple's HIV status among the population aged 15-24 in Africa in order to prevent from new HIV infections.

What it does

HIView is the application that is used to confirm the HIV status. This app enables us to prevent from the infection caused without knowing it. There are 4 steps.

  1. You go to the hospital to get tested.
  2. Results are confirmed by the physician.
  3. The physician puts the results into the web application so that the patients can save their results on the phone.
  4. You can share your status by showing this information to your partner. Also, we set up the expiration date. Your status will be expired in 3 months and you go to hospital again in order to get your updated status.

How I built it

Ruby on Rails, Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Challenges I ran into

There are some many issues in Africa, and it was really hard to decide to choose one of them.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

HIV prevention is one of the biggest issues in the world. There are several researches going on, and through this Hackathon, I had read several kinds of articles that had new information about HIV infection that I didn't know. I believe that I could learn more about this issue, if we would have more than 1 day so that we would came up with more and better ideas of prevention.

What's next for HIView

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