A Story

It all began on a bright midsummer’s day many years ago. Doves flew by gracefully alongside a light breeze and the smell of freshly cut grass wafted around pleasantly, awaiting whomever would venture across to enjoy it. Nearby, a sizeable group of children shrieked and laughed as they played a friendly game of basketball. It would seem that it was a perfect day for everyone involved. Everyone, except Timmy. Silently peering out from the shade under an oak tree on the sidelines of the court, the little boy sat cross-legged on the grass and sulkily learned two arms on a basketball nested in between his legs. The other kids had a full game and none of them wanted to switch with poor Timmy. If only there were a few more kids around so he could start his own basketball game! Luckily for me, I can’t remember the last time I’ve willingly touched a basketball. Even luckier for Timmy, I happened to cross paths with him in his gloom on that fateful day as I trudged on with my Pokemon cards, fortunate enough to have a group of close friends I’ve met through our mutual love of animated fighting animals. As I passed him on my way, he turned his head and we suddenly locked eyes. In that seemingly brief but monumental moment, I felt his tremendous pain and suffering as he pleaded to me with his eyes, very clearly telling me to learn how to program so I could make an application to change the world so no child would have to face the pain he feels so deeply.

The Application

Alas the time has come, the time for change has come! Today marks the day we can finally tell Timmy his troubles are over as we forcefully grab his smartphone and install the new social gathering app, Hive. The application is targeted towards those who are passionate about their hobbies or activities who don’t mind inviting another friendly soul to tag along. Let it be Timmy and his game of pickup basketball or a group of college students looking to plan a club activity, any social event can become a streamlined experience with minimal stress planning and managing people. Hive takes advantage of the GPS functionality in most smartphones to connect you with people in your near vicinity. This interaction is exponentially more engaging and doesn't feel as impersonal. The marginal distance between users allows for a richer and more spontaneous form of communication that can create deep relationships not attainable through conventional forms of social media.

The Struggle

Our favorite feature of the app must be the cards showing an overview of the details. We had the hardest time coming up with a quick and simple way of showing users the information about the events and we were really happy to have agreed on simple card interfaces that you can swipe through with ease. The card forms the backbone of our application as it links together the different values in our database. Although it was difficult to get all our information coherently on the interface, what we ended up with was a clean and simple display that fully outlines the most important information for our users.

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