Honeybees are a vital part of our ecosystem and economy. According to the Division of Agriculture at the University of Arkansas, 90% of wildflowers and 75% of crops rely on pollinators; honeybees are responsible for pollinating more than 80% of wildflowers and crops. This means that, not only do they pollinate more than 100 important crops including vegetables, fruits, and spices, they also contribute over $20 billion to the US in agriculture every year. However, honeybees and their homes are being threatened by rapid urbanization and various farming methods. Their population is declining at a rate of 30% per year and facing possible endangerment.

We hope to encourage people across the US to support the conservation and regrowth of the honeybee population.

What it does

We would have a map that records major areas of beehive, and bee, population so that others, as well as ourselves, can clearly see locations that need more hives and then work to construct them there. People can support this cause in two different ways through our website: donating to sponsor the construction of a bee hive, or hosting a beehive themselves. Using AR, people will be able to see what a beehive would look like in their own backyard. If they wish to host a hive, and the environment is suitable for one, they will receive a beehive from us that can be constructed by one of our beekeeping partners.

How we built it

We used for our entire website, and added an augmented reality element by building a 3D model on EchoAR and adding the QR Code to our website.

Challenges we ran into

We were both new to coding, and it was hard to build an entire application/website without much instruction. Because we both needed to learn how to program without having much, if any, experience, we spent much of our time looking up how to program basic things into our website and didn't have much time to make it complicated. We also wanted to make an app to go with our website, but we couldn't figure out how to in the timeframe given (hopefully next time!)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are both very proud of how our website turned out despite all the challenges we faced along the way. We were able to code a basic website with the skills we were taught in one of the workshops, and were even able to add some extra elements like a background image, columns, and a logo, that were not covered in the workshop.

What we learned

We learned how to work with the skills we have to create our own, unique project. We were able to use the short workshops, assistance from the event organizers and our fellow programmers, and Google (haha) to complete our website in 24 hours. We also were able to improve our communication skills by conversing with people that we were not able to physically see and work with due to quarantine.

What's next for Hive Hub

We hope to create an app, as stated on our website, that connects people across the US in the movement to protect and conserve honeybees. People would be able post photos of thriving personal, or local, hives. They would also have personal tracking maps on which they can mark the location of new, unmarked hives they find in their area. We would use those marks (once we confirm that they are accurate) to update our own overall map of the hive and bee concentration across the US. We would also try to reach out to children and the younger generation by including mini games that spread awareness about the importance of bees and the problem with their endangerment, and by implementing a point and badge system that rewards people for playing the games, posting a photo, updating their personal tracking maps, or just interacting on the app.

In short, we wish to create an app, and website, that can be a "hub" for conversation about honeybee conservation and population growth as well as a place where normal people who are not bee specialists can learn about this movement and work together to support it.

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